Eleanor Grace Lybrand

Eleanor Grace Lybrand

 Charles LybrandCharles Lybrand 
 Eleanor Grace LybrandEleanor Grace Lybrand 
birt: 30 OCT 1869
plac: in Delaware, Ohio
deat: Washington DC

Domingo Anthony UsinaDomingo Anthony Usina
marr: 29 APR 1897
plac: Washington, D. C.
birt: 18 DEC 1870
deat: 22 OCT 1937
  Isaac RanneyIsaac Ranney
 [--?--] Ranney[--?--] Ranney 



Eleanor Grace Lybrand's English ancestors were Ranneys who moved about 1800 from Vermont to Ohio when the Western Reserve was opened up Her mother was the daughter of Judge Isaac Ranney who retired in the 1870's and moved to Washington, D. C., with his children and grandchildren including Eleanor Grace Lybrand, wife of Domingo Anthony Usina.

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