The Pat Canova Collection

Pat Canova has assembled this collection from various archives. It's a wealth of visual history. Enjoy!

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Josephine Canova as a child
Josephine Canova child portrait.
Josephine, Ted, Anita, Henry, Estelle Canova
Josephine, Ted, Anita, Henry, and Estelle Canova.
Josie and Estelle
Josie and Estelle in Coronado Beach North Smyrna.
Josie Canova Land
Josie Canova Land.
Josie Canova Land
Josie Canova Land.
Julian Land as a child
Julian Land child portrait.
Julie Marie Gingras Canova
Julie Marie Gingras Canova in Palatka 1908.
Long Key Fishing Camp
Long Key Fishing Camp.
Luther, Geraldine, Henry, and Ida. July 4 1938.
Anita Annette Patricia Ida Charlie Henry Byron George
Anita, Annette, Patricia, Ida, Charlie, Henry, Byron, and George.
Anita Canova
Anita Canova with Long Hair.
Anita Canova on a Plane Ride
Anita Canova on a Plane Ride in Daytona Beach.
Annette Canova's 1st Birthday
Annette Canova's 1st Birthday - December 1937.
old collage
old collage of Florida 1.
old collage
Old collage of Florida 2.
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