Paul Bartolo Canova

Paul Bartolo Canova

Adeline Damiana CanovaAdeline Damiana Canova

George Paul CanovaGeorge Paul Canova

Leonoria Susane CanovaLeonoria Susane Canova

Cornelia Savina CanovaCornelia Savina Canova

 Antonio Juan Magi Cánoves RiudavetsAntonio Juan Magi Cánoves Riudavets
 Antonio Joseph Venancio CanovaAntonio Joseph Venancio Canova 
  Catalina Margarita Anna MaestreCatalina Margarita Anna Maestre
 Paul Bartolo CanovaPaul Bartolo Canova 
birt: 2 MAR 1819
plac: Saint Augustine, Florida
deat: 28 JUL 1866
plac: Sanderson, Baker County, Florida

Celestina B CrespoCelestina B Crespo
marr: 12 NOV 1840
plac: Sanderson, Florida
birt: 6 APR 1822
plac: Saint Augustine, Florida
deat: 15 APR 1902
plac: Jacksonville, Florida
  Juan PonzJuan Ponz
 Margarita Francisca Juliana PonzMargarita Francisca Juliana Ponz 
 Juana Catalina AndreuJuana Catalina Andreu



Also known as: Pablo

Paul Bartola Canova was a Steam Boat Captian on the St John River, Paul also had a large mercantile store in the Jacksonville Fla. area.

Antonio Canova built a one-and-a-half-story yellow residence in 1839 at 42 Bridge Street in Saint Augustine, Florida. Now known as the Dow House, it is a rare example of a frame Florida Territorial Period structure. Paul Bartola Canova made it his home after his marriage the following year.

The Dow House originally stood on a lot facing Saint George Street. Between 1904 and 1910, the houes was moved to its present Bridge Street location to make room for a newer structure, today known as the Howells House.

Distinctive features of the house include a modillioned door cap and Greek Revival corner blocks which adorn both dormers. The beaded weatherboard exterior was a style common in the United States during the late 18th to mid-19th century, but is rarely found in Saint Augustine. Much of the interior woodwork of the house is constructed using pegs.

The house is named in honor of Kenneth Worcester Dow, who reassembled all of the original Canova/Spear properties into what is today the Saint Augustine Historic Museum Center complex.

Based on the research by "Leonard J. McCown" :

According to Roman Catholic Church Records, St. Augustine Parish Church, Florida, White Baptisms IV, 1816-1838, page 101, entry 159:

Antonio Pablo Canobas, born 2 March 1819. Baptized 14 March 1819. Legitimate son of Antonio Canobas, native of this parish, son of Antonio [Canobas] and Catalina Mestre; and Margarita Pons native of this parish, daughter of Juan [Pons] and Juana Andreu. Godparents: Bartolome Canobas and Mariana Pons, citizens of this city. Priest: Juan Nepomecuno Gomez.

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