Sue Ann Kendall

Sue Ann Kendall

Kynan Kendall MurtaghKynan Kendall Murtagh

Declan Rory MurtaghDeclan Rory Murtagh

 Andrew E. KendallAndrew E. Kendall
 Edwin Prince KendallEdwin Prince Kendall 
  Berta Bae ButtBerta Bae Butt
 Sue Ann KendallSue Ann Kendall 
birt: 5 MAR 1958
plac: Sarasota, Florida

William Dennis CrainWilliam Dennis Crain
marr: 27 MAY 1987
plac: Urbana, Illinois

Rory Conal MurtaghRory Conal Murtagh
marr: 26 JUN 1990
plac: Urbana, Illinois
birt: 14 MAY 1963
plac: Dublin, Ireland

Ernest Lee Anton BrunsErnest Lee Anton Bruns
marr: 29 NOV 2008
birt: 11 MAR 1958
  Oscar Maurice AndersonOscar Maurice Anderson
 Sidney Canova AndersonSidney Canova Anderson 
 Sidney Josephene CanovaSidney Josephene Canova


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