Martha C Cleary

Martha C Cleary

Daniel Aloysius CanovaDaniel Aloysius Canova

Jude Thaddeus Canova, Jr.Jude Thaddeus Canova, Jr.

 Daniel ClearyDaniel Cleary 
 Martha C ClearyMartha C Cleary 
birt: JAN 1939
deat: ABT. 1970

Jude Thaddeus CanovaJude Thaddeus Canova
marr: 16 JAN 1960
plac: Springfield, PA.
birt: 27 OCT 1938
plac: Wilmington, Delaware
deat: 13 JUN 2012
plac: Port Orange, Florida|Acute myeloid leukemia
 Dorothea DifillipoDorothea Difillipo 


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