Daniel Aloysius Canova

Daniel Aloysius Canova

Daniel Canova, Jr.Daniel Canova, Jr.

Dylan Hay CanovaDylan Hay Canova

 Francis Robert (James) CanovaFrancis Robert (James) Canova
 Jude Thaddeus CanovaJude Thaddeus Canova 
  Agnes TowsonAgnes Towson
 Daniel Aloysius CanovaDaniel Aloysius Canova 
birt: 11 JUL 1960
plac: Philadelphia, PA in University Hospital

Donna HayDonna Hay
marr: 5 NOV 1983
plac: Ocean City, NJ
birt: 2 DEC 1960
plac: Woodbury, NJ
  Daniel ClearyDaniel Cleary
 Martha C ClearyMartha C Cleary 
 Dorothea DifillipoDorothea Difillipo



Also known as: Dan

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