Jude Thaddeus Canova

Jude Thaddeus Canova

Daniel Aloysius CanovaDaniel Aloysius Canova

Jude Thaddeus Canova, Jr.Jude Thaddeus Canova, Jr.

 Philip J. CanovaPhilip J. Canova
 Francis Robert (James) CanovaFrancis Robert (James) Canova 
  Frances Jeanette BrownFrances Jeanette Brown
 Jude Thaddeus CanovaJude Thaddeus Canova 
birt: 27 OCT 1938
plac: Wilmington, Delaware
deat: 13 JUN 2012
plac: Port Orange, Florida|Acute myeloid leukemia

Martha C ClearyMartha C Cleary
marr: 16 JAN 1960
plac: Springfield, PA.
birt: JAN 1939
deat: ABT. 1970

Nancy LowdenNancy Lowden
marr: ABT. NOV 1969
plac: Manahawkin, NJ
birt: 9 MAR

Sondra BrownSondra Brown
marr: ABT. 1978

Fiona MurphyFiona Murphy
marr: 9 JUL 1980
plac: Easton, MD
birt: 25 JAN 1944
plac: Cheshire, England
 Agnes TowsonAgnes Towson 
 Edna [--?--]Edna [--?--]



Jude worked for many years at Newsweek Magazine as Director of Corporate Events in New York City. In his early retirement he renovated several homes through his love of woodworking that was passed down from his father. He is best remembered for his sharp memory and entertaining friends and family through his jazzy piano style.

Jude last resided in Port Orange, Florida and has his ashes spread at the New Smyrna Beach waterway, the place where the Canova family imigrated from Spain over two centuries ago. Donations are being accepted in his memory at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, 3319 Maguire Blvd, Orlando, FL 32803 or phone (407) 896-8645 or online at http://www.lls.org/#/waystohelp/donate/donateonline/

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