Sidney Canova Anderson

Sidney Canova Anderson

Canova Anderson BlakeCanova Anderson Blake

Sue Ann KendallSue Ann Kendall

Edwin Maurice KendallEdwin Maurice Kendall

 Oscar Maurice AndersonOscar Maurice Anderson 
 Sidney Canova AndersonSidney Canova Anderson 
birt: 13 SEP 1922
plac: Nashville, Georgia
deat: 12 DEC 1984
plac: Plantation, Florida

Benjamin Nolan BlakeBenjamin Nolan Blake
marr: 1943
birt: 5 DEC 1921
deat: 4 JUN 1979

Dan ClauseDan Clause
marr: 1953

Edwin Prince KendallEdwin Prince Kendall
marr: JUL 1957
plac: Georgia
birt: 25 FEB 1931
plac: Fanning County, Georgia
deat: 5 APR 2011
  Philip J. CanovaPhilip J. Canova
 Sidney Josephene CanovaSidney Josephene Canova 
 Frances Jeanette BrownFrances Jeanette Brown



Also known as: Canova

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