Katherine Beall

Katherine Beall

Ramond CanovaRamond Canova

Frances CanovaFrances Canova

Louie Clarence Canova, Jr.Louie Clarence Canova, Jr.

 Katherine BeallKatherine Beall 
birt: Cuthbert, Georga

Louie Clarence Canova, Sr.Louie Clarence Canova, Sr.
birt: ABT. 1882
plac: Saint Augustine, Florida
deat: 1970



[From the recollection of Louie Clarence Canova, III (lcc3@@msn.com)]:

Katherine was a Clay County Nurse and it is Louie's understanding that she demanded that Louie be delivered at St. Vincent's Hospital in Jacksonville since there were no hospitals in the outside areas.

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