Louie Clarence Canova, Sr.

Louie Clarence Canova, Sr.

Ramond CanovaRamond Canova

Frances CanovaFrances Canova

Louie Clarence Canova, Jr.Louie Clarence Canova, Jr.

 Raymondo (Ramon) Bartholome CanovaRaymondo (Ramon) Bartholome Canova
 Louis Casemura CanovaLouis Casemura Canova 
  Anita MicklerAnita Mickler
 Louie Clarence Canova, Sr.Louie Clarence Canova, Sr. 
birt: ABT. 1882
plac: Saint Augustine, Florida
deat: 1970

Katherine BeallKatherine Beall
birt: Cuthbert, Georga
 Delphina Gregoria TriayDelphina Gregoria Triay 



[According to recollections by Louie Clarence Canova III (lcc3@@msn.com)]:

Sometime after his birth in Saint Augustine, he moved to Palatka and then onto Doctor's Inlet, Florida. He was buried in Green Cove Springs, Florida. He was a devout Catholic (at least during his later years and especially after his wife passed away). He met his wife in Atlanta where she was a nurse at the time.

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