Louie Clarence Canova, Jr.

Louie Clarence Canova, Jr.

Phyllis CanovaPhyllis Canova

Louie Clarence Canova IIILouie Clarence Canova III

 Louis Casemura CanovaLouis Casemura Canova
 Louie Clarence Canova, Sr.Louie Clarence Canova, Sr. 
  Delphina Gregoria TriayDelphina Gregoria Triay
 Louie Clarence Canova, Jr.Louie Clarence Canova, Jr. 
birt: 1 OCT 1913
plac: Palatka, Florida

Marie SharpeMarie Sharpe
birt: 14 APR 1912
 Katherine BeallKatherine Beall 



[According to recollections by Louie Clarence Canova III (lcc3@@msn.com)]:

He spent most of his early life in Doctor's Inlet on his father's farm. Through his life, he has farmed, logged, and retired from a general merchandise and grocery store in Middleburg.

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