Adeline Canova

Adeline Canova

William Henry Chace, Jr.William Henry Chace, Jr.

Alvin Canova ChaceAlvin Canova Chace

Thomas Jefferson ChaceThomas Jefferson Chace

 Paul Bartolo CanovaPaul Bartolo Canova
 George Paul CanovaGeorge Paul Canova 
  Celestina B CrespoCelestina B Crespo
 Adeline CanovaAdeline Canova 
birt: 26 DEC 1880
plac: Sanderson, Baker County, Florida
deat: 28 NOV 1960
plac: Jacksonville, Florida

William Henry ChaceWilliam Henry Chace
marr: 9 OCT 1909
plac: Jacksonville, Florida
birt: 1878
  Elisha GreeneElisha Greene
 Diannah GreenDiannah Green 
 Elizabeth Ann DriggersElizabeth Ann Driggers



[Based on Viola Canova Clarke's book:] Adaline inherited the looks, manner and bearing of her grandmother, Celestina. She was educated in the St. Josephs Convent and studied piano at a conservatory of music in Georgia. She was married to William and had three children, two of whom lived to adulthood. William was a successful dentist in Jacksonville. Adaline was a faithful member of the church. Before her husband was converted, Adaline would hitch up the horse to the buggy and drive across Jacksonville to the Church meetings. She was a widow for many years and taught piano until shortly before her death on November 30, 1960. [Note, there is a slight discrepency in what the family reports as the date of her death.]

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