Alonzo Bartola Canova

Alonzo Bartola Canova

Annie Ruth CanovaAnnie Ruth Canova

 Paul Bartolo CanovaPaul Bartolo Canova
 George Paul CanovaGeorge Paul Canova 
  Celestina B CrespoCelestina B Crespo
 Alonzo Bartola CanovaAlonzo Bartola Canova 
birt: 10 JUN 1888
plac: Sanderson, Baker County, Fl
deat: 10 JUL 1944
plac: Jacksonville, Florida

Daisy Ernestine SimmonsDaisy Ernestine Simmons
marr: 15 SEP 1909
birt: 1888
  Elisha GreeneElisha Greene
 Diannah GreenDiannah Green 
 Elizabeth Ann DriggersElizabeth Ann Driggers



Also known as: Lonnie

LDS File # 203L-BK

[From Viola Canova Clarke notes:] He joined the LDS Church 5 days before he married Daisy Ernestine Simmons. He was known as Lonnie and lived in Lake City and worked for the State Road Department. He moved his family to Jacksonville and joined the Police Force in 1922, eventually becoming a Lieutenant in the Crime Prevention Bureau. Under his direction, the bureau received national acclaim. He was a fine musician and could play any brass instrument.

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