Lisan Huang

Lisan Huang

Yue Yuan HuangYue Yuan Huang

Shou Yuan HuangShou Yuan Huang

Wanzhen HuangWanzhen Huang

Yuanjuan HuangYuanjuan Huang

Xiuying HuangXiuying Huang

Philip Ching-yuan HuangPhilip Ching-yuan Huang

 Lisan HuangLisan Huang 
birt: Suzhou city of Jiangsu Province

Wen-ying ChuWen-ying Chu
birt: 4 MAY 1881
plac: Suzhou city of Jiangsu Province
deat: 19 MAR 1963
plac: Okinawa, Japan|Hemorrhage, subdural, left cerebral hemisphere, due to trauma.



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