Wen-ying Chu

Wen-ying Chu

Yue Yuan HuangYue Yuan Huang

Shou Yuan HuangShou Yuan Huang

Philip Ching-yuan HuangPhilip Ching-yuan Huang

 Wen-ying ChuWen-ying Chu 
birt: 4 MAY 1881
plac: Suzhou city of Jiangsu Province
deat: 19 MAR 1963
plac: Okinawa, Japan|Hemorrhage, subdural, left cerebral hemisphere, due to trauma.

Lisan HuangLisan Huang
birt: Suzhou city of Jiangsu Province



Chu Wen Ying Huang moved from China to Taiwan with her son Philip Huang and daughter in-law Sue. It was in Taiwan that Philip and Sue Huang had two children, Ben and Eva. Chu Wen Ying Huang later moved with the family to Okinawa, Japan where Philip worked on Kadina Airforce Based. She passed away at Philip Huang's residence in Okinawa. The death certificate is in both English and hand translated into Japanese.

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