Leon (Zeke) Canova

Leon (Zeke) Canova

 George Paul CanovaGeorge Paul Canova
 Joseph Francis CanovaJoseph Francis Canova 
  Diannah GreenDiannah Green
 Leon (Zeke) CanovaLeon (Zeke) Canova 
birt: 31 DEC 1898
plac: Florida
deat: 1980
plac: Los Angeles, California

Isable DesilvaIsable Desilva
birt: 1905
deat: 1981
plac: Los Angeles, California
  Matthew C. PerryMatthew C. Perry
 Henrietta PerryHenrietta Perry 



The photo here is of Judy Canova with siblings Anne, Zeke, and Pete in the 1935 movie 'In Caliente' which is Judy Canova's first appearance in a full-length feature film.

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