Hazel Pearl Canova

Hazel Pearl Canova

Jim OwensJim Owens

Dave OwensDave Owens

Atha OwensAtha Owens

Claudia Jean StaleyClaudia Jean Staley

Ramona Maria StaleyRamona Maria Staley

David Allen StaleyDavid Allen Staley

Geraldine Hope StaleyGeraldine Hope Staley

 George Paul CanovaGeorge Paul Canova
 Thomas Ramon (Raymond) CanovaThomas Ramon (Raymond) Canova 
  Diannah GreenDiannah Green
 Hazel Pearl CanovaHazel Pearl Canova 
birt: 27 AUG 1913
plac: Jacksonville, Florida
deat: 4 FEB 2009
endl: 3 JUL 1981

Walter Allen StaleyWalter Allen Staley
marr: 12 MAR 1934
plac: San Diego, California
birt: 4 MAR 1905
plac: Clear Springs, Maryland
deat: 16 JAN 1988

Robert William OwensRobert William Owens
marr: 20 OCT 1990
plac: Ferron , UT
birt: 20 OCT 1910
plac: Search Light, Nevada, USA
deat: 2 SEP 2007
  Jacob Brigham GouldJacob Brigham Gould
 Mary Emily GouldMary Emily Gould 
 Phoebe Rebecca ReynoldsPhoebe Rebecca Reynolds



She became a professional photographer. She had nearly finished a video taped Book of Mormon Story when Walter died.

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