Helen (Ella) Josephine Pacetti

Helen (Ella) Josephine Pacetti

Frank CanovaFrank Canova

Bertha Helen CanovaBertha Helen Canova

Carl Charles CanovaCarl Charles Canova

Theodora Mabel CanovaTheodora Mabel Canova

Blanch Louise CanovaBlanch Louise Canova

Theodora Bruno Lillian CanovaTheodora Bruno Lillian Canova

Grace Rosa Lina CanovaGrace Rosa Lina Canova

Alexander Leon Felicio CanovaAlexander Leon Felicio Canova

 Domingo Raphael PacettiDomingo Raphael Pacetti 
 Helen (Ella) Josephine PacettiHelen (Ella) Josephine Pacetti 
birt: 24 MAR 1858
plac: St. Augustine,St. Johns Co.,Florida
deat: 1921

Alexander Joseph CanovaAlexander Joseph Canova
marr: 1 JUL 1878
plac: St. Augustine, Florida
birt: 2 FEB 1850
plac: St. Augustine,St. Johns Co.,Florida
deat: 24 JAN 1928
 Leandra C. AndreuLeandra C. Andreu 



Also known as: Ella

According to research by "Leonard J. McCown" :

CHRISTENING: Roman Catholic Church Records, St. Augustine Parish Church, Florida. White Baptisms V, 1839-1861, page and entry not numbered. Helen Josephine Pacetty born 24 March 1858. Baptized 5 April 1858. Legitimate child of Domingo Pacetty and Leandria Andreu. Godparents: John Andreu and Anastasia Pacetty. Priest: Edmond S. Aubril.

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