Theodora Bruno Lillian Canova

Theodora Bruno Lillian Canova

Gloria Catherine DelanyGloria Catherine Delany

Gladys Helen DelanyGladys Helen Delany

Grace Lillian DelanyGrace Lillian Delany

Albert Joseph DelanyAlbert Joseph Delany

Thomas Earl DelanyThomas Earl Delany

Jack DelanyJack Delany

Gerald Kenneth DelanyGerald Kenneth Delany

 Juan (John) Antonio Climaco CanovaJuan (John) Antonio Climaco Canova
 Alexander Joseph CanovaAlexander Joseph Canova 
  Tomasa Lucia Paula de NodaTomasa Lucia Paula de Noda
 Theodora Bruno Lillian CanovaTheodora Bruno Lillian Canova 
birt: 6 OCT 1889
plac: St. Augustine,St. Johns Co.,Florida
deat: 30 OCT 1955
plac: St. Augustine,St. Johns Co.,Florida

Thomas Adolphus DelanyThomas Adolphus Delany
marr: 25 APR 1912
plac: Saint Augustine, Florida
birt: 17 OCT 1890
plac: Chicago,Cook Co.,Illinois
deat: 18 MAR 1972
plac: St. Augustine,St. Johns Co.,Florida
  Domingo Raphael PacettiDomingo Raphael Pacetti
 Helen (Ella) Josephine PacettiHelen (Ella) Josephine Pacetti 
 Leandra C. AndreuLeandra C. Andreu



Also known as: Theo

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