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Where to start: If you are looking for where you or a family member is in the Canova Family Tree, there are several places you may want to start. If you are a family member and do not find yourself within these pages, then I would like to hear from you. There are well over 1600 relatives linked together within these pages and many have photographs donated from people like you. Once you're at your starting point, click on any link or photograph to navigate to other relatives, or to see more details about the person you're on. List of Individuals List of Surnames Ancestor Map (Root is author: Francis Canova, Jr.) Or you could start with some famous Canovas: Antonio Joseph Venancio Canova (Born in 1794, he traveled from Menorca with his father. He had 5 sons who most Canovas in the USA decended from) Thomas Ramon Canova (Born in 1879, had 16 children and contributed to the largest group of Canovas in the USA) Judy Canova (Born in 1913, famous singer, comedian, and movie star of the 1940's and 50's) Canova Beach Click here if you ever traveled on Highway A1A in Florida and wondered who was behind this landmark. Some historic background: Many people think the Canova name is Italian. It is true, however many Canovas in the USA are of Spanish descent from the island of Menorca. Antonio Canoves was from Menorca and was a farmer. On Febuary 11, 1768 he signed a contract with Dr. Andrew Turnbull to imigrate to New Smyrna, Florida and homested land. He brought with him his wife and one son. Antonio eventually seeked refuge in Saint Augustine, Florida from the ill-fated settlement. More background information can be found from the following: