Sue Jane Wong

Sue Jane Wong

Ben Dean HuangBen Dean Huang

Eva Mae HuangEva Mae Huang

 Chin-fang WongChin-fang Wong 
 Sue Jane WongSue Jane Wong 
birt: 16 JUN 1927
plac: Shanghai, China
deat: 18 NOV 2015
plac: Fremont, California, USA|Pnemonia and kidney failure

Philip Ching-yuan HuangPhilip Ching-yuan Huang
marr: 11 APR 1947
plac: At 3PM in the Hua Fu Restaurant, Shanghai, China
birt: 15 DEC 1922
plac: Shanghai, China
deat: 20 OCT 2014
plac: Fremont, California, USA
 Xiabao ZhaoXiabao Zhao 



Also known as: Sue Jane

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