Eva Mae Huang

Eva Mae Huang

Cameron Dean CanovaCameron Dean Canova

 Lisan HuangLisan Huang
 Philip Ching-yuan HuangPhilip Ching-yuan Huang 
  Wen-ying ChuWen-ying Chu
 Eva Mae HuangEva Mae Huang 
birt: 12 FEB 1956
plac: Taipei, Taiwan

Francis James Canova, JrFrancis James Canova, Jr
marr: 25 MAY 1985
plac: St. Vincent Ferrer Church, Delray Beach, Florida
birt: 23 DEC 1956
plac: Wilmington, Delaware
  Chin-fang WongChin-fang Wong
 Sue Jane WongSue Jane Wong 
 Xiabao ZhaoXiabao Zhao



Eva received a B.S. Computer Science from the University of Southern Calififornia in 1978. She grew up on the Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan where she graduated from High School in 1974.

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