Anthony Michael Fairbanks

Anthony Michael Fairbanks

Marc FairbanksMarc Fairbanks

Antonica Jean FairbanksAntonica Jean Fairbanks

Grace FairbanksGrace Fairbanks

 Charles Edwin FairbanksCharles Edwin Fairbanks
 Anthony Mead FairbanksAnthony Mead Fairbanks 
  Antonica Maria UsinaAntonica Maria Usina
 Anthony Michael FairbanksAnthony Michael Fairbanks 
birt: 22 JUN 1943
plac: Buffalo, New York, USA

Lois AnnLois Ann
birt: 6 JAN 1942
  Louis A ShuhLouis A Shuh
 Mary Louise ShuhMary Louise Shuh 
 Katherine BilgerKatherine Bilger



Also known as: Mike or Michael

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