Cornelia Savina Canova

Cornelia Savina Canova

 Antonio Joseph Venancio CanovaAntonio Joseph Venancio Canova
 Paul Bartolo CanovaPaul Bartolo Canova 
  Margarita Francisca Juliana PonzMargarita Francisca Juliana Ponz
 Cornelia Savina CanovaCornelia Savina Canova 
birt: 13 DEC 1848
plac: Saint Augustine, Florida
deat: Saint Augustine, Florida

William P. BayaWilliam P. Baya
marr: 27 OCT 1866
  Manuel CrespoManuel Crespo
 Celestina B CrespoCelestina B Crespo 
 Jane MarinJane Marin



They had 5 children and lived in Jacksonville, Florida most of their married life.

[From notes recorded by "Leonard J. McCown" ]

CHRISTENING: Roman Catholic Church Records, St. Augustine Parish Church, Florida, White Baptisms V, 1839-1861, page 373, entry 573. Cornelia Sabina Canova, born 30 December 1848. Baptized 15 January 1849. Daughter of Paul Canova and Celestina Crespo. Godparents: Jose Ferreyra and Catalina Crespo. Priest: Edmond Simon Aubril.

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