George Walter Canova

George Walter Canova

George Walter Canova, Jr.George Walter Canova, Jr.

Louis Herbert CanovaLouis Herbert Canova

Rosa Marcella CanovaRosa Marcella Canova

Mary Aline CanovaMary Aline Canova

Ruby Lucile CanovaRuby Lucile Canova

Ernest Joseph CanovaErnest Joseph Canova

Warren Preston CanovaWarren Preston Canova

Ralph Eugene CanovaRalph Eugene Canova

 Paul Bartolo CanovaPaul Bartolo Canova
 George Paul CanovaGeorge Paul Canova 
  Celestina B CrespoCelestina B Crespo
 George Walter CanovaGeorge Walter Canova 
birt: 19 MAR 1875
plac: Sanderson, Baker County, FL
deat: 2 FEB 1913
plac: Sanderson, Baker County, FL

Evelyn Genevieve PonsEvelyn Genevieve Pons
marr: 1897
birt: 1875
plac: Sanderson, Baker County, FL
deat: ABT. 1958
plac: Altoona, Florida
  Elisha GreeneElisha Greene
 Diannah GreenDiannah Green 
 Elizabeth Ann DriggersElizabeth Ann Driggers



George helped operate the mercantile store and, after his father's death, took over the management of the store. He was active in the affairs of the community. He moved into the family home, and all of his children were born there.

George Walter Canova died at the age of 37 years of age in a buggy on his way home from an errand.

After several years, his wife and children moved to Umatilla near Orlando.

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