Camilla Neligan Usina

Camilla Neligan Usina

 Domingo Anthony UsinaDomingo Anthony Usina
 Michael Philip UsinaMichael Philip Usina 
  Antonica ArnauAntonica Arnau
 Camilla Neligan UsinaCamilla Neligan Usina 
birt: 16 MAY 1866
deat: 15 MAR 1951
  Michael NeliganMichael Neligan
 Camilla Luciana NeliganCamilla Luciana Neligan 
 Melchora Balbina de NodeMelchora Balbina de Node



Also known as: Dena

The photograph here is a tin-type of Camila (right) and her sister Hattie (left) taken about 1870.

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