Antonio Juan Magi Cánoves Riudavets

Antonio Juan Magi Cánoves Riudavets

Joanna Maria Antonia CanovaJoanna Maria Antonia Canova

Antonio Estefanus Maginus CanovaAntonio Estefanus Maginus Canova

Bartolomeo Pedro Martin CanovaBartolomeo Pedro Martin Canova

Juan Antonio Magi CanovaJuan Antonio Magi Canova

Martin Antonio Magin Eusebio CanovaMartin Antonio Magin Eusebio Canova

Antonio Joseph Venancio CanovaAntonio Joseph Venancio Canova

Antonia CanovaAntonia Canova

Juana Maria Magina CanovaJuana Maria Magina Canova

 Martín Cánoves CarrerasMartín Cánoves Carreras
 Antonio Cánoves MirAntonio Cánoves Mir 
  Catalina Mir GuitartCatalina Mir Guitart
 Antonio Juan Magi Cánoves RiudavetsAntonio Juan Magi Cánoves Riudavets 
birt: 8 FEB 1755
plac: Alayor, Baleares, Spain--on the island of Menorca
deat: ABT. 1825
plac: Saint Augustine, Florida

Catalina Margarita Anna MaestreCatalina Margarita Anna Maestre
marr: ABT. 1780
plac: St. Augustine, St. Johns, Florida
birt: ABT. 1759
plac: Leon, Mahon, Menorca
deat: 1830
plac: Saint Augustine, Florida
 Juana Riudavets LlorensJuana Riudavets Llorens 



He was only 13 years old when he left for Florida.

According to notes by Frank Canova, Sr., they had 8 children.

Antonio Canova belonged to one of the original Minorcan families that settled at Andrew Turnbull's colony at New Smyrna, Florida. Antonio eventually seeked refuge in Saint Augustine, Florida from the ill-fated settlement. Antonio acquired property in Saint Augustine in 1821 from Antonio Huertas, who was given title to the land in 1815 by the Spanish government.

According to research by Jerry Delany:

CENSUS: 1784, "A List of All English Residents at the Change of Flag in 1784," Family 404. In The Last Days of British St. Augustine, 1784-1785; a Spanish Census of the English Colony of East Florida, by Lawrence H. Feldman (Baltimore: Clearfield, 1998), page 49. Canovas, Antonio. Page 70. Occupation: farmer. Origin: Minorca. Family Status: wife and son. Other: (Antoni Canoves, Alayor Minorca; Rasico 1990:159).

CENSUS: 1786 Census of St. Augustine and its Perimeter, Florida, Family 26, s.1-182. In Florida's First Families, Donna R. Mills, (Naples, Florida: Mills Historical Press, 1992), page 13. Antonio Canobas, native of Menorca, farmer, age 30. Catarina Maestre, his wife, of Menorca, age 26. Antonio, son, of this [place], age 4.

CENSUS: 1793 Census St. Augustine, Florida and North River: St. George Street; Family 92, s.1-154. In Florida's First Families by Donna R. Mills (Naples, Florida: Mills Historical Press, 1992), page 85. Anto. Canobas, son of Anto. and of Juana Redevetes, age 37. Catalina, his wife, daughter of Bartolome Maestre and Anta. Ruger, age 34. Bartolomeo, their son, age 5. Martin, his brother, age 1.

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