List of Individuals
Cleary, Daniel Daniel
Cleary, Dorothea Dorothea
Cleary, Martha C Martha C
Colee, Kathy Kathy
Coleman, Alyce Gay Alyce Gay
Coleman, Brianna Catharine Brianna Catharine
Coleman, Britlyn Courtney Britlyn Courtney
Coleman, Clarke Campbell Clarke Campbell
Coleman, Clifford Anson Clifford Anson
Coleman, Kacey Alyce Kacey Alyce
Coleman, Kenneth C. Kenneth C.
Connelly, Cahal Cahal
Connelly, Chaoimhin Chaoimhin
Connelly, Francis Francis
Conner, Clarice Clarice
Conner, Darlene Darlene
Conner, Robert Hancock Robert Hancock
Conner, W. Ross W. Ross
Conner/, Jr, Walter Ross Walter Ross
Cooke, Rosemary Patricia Rosemary Patricia
Coombs, J. Michael J. Michael
Cooper, Amy Lee Amy Lee
Cooper, David Matthews David Matthews
Cooper, Joseph Broderick Joseph Broderick
Cooper, Joshua Everett Joshua Everett
Cooper, Karen Christine Karen Christine
Cooper, L. A. L. A.
Cooper, Matthew Joseph Matthew Joseph
Cooper, Michael David Michael David
Cooper, Nick Nick
Copley, Paiden Paiden
Cordner, Angell Angell
Cornwell, Denise Denise
Covington, Daniel John Daniel John
Covington, Emily Emily
Covington, Gwendolyn Gwendolyn
Covington, Richard Paul Richard Paul
Covington/ , Daniel John Daniel John
Crain, William Dennis William Dennis
Crespo, Celestina B Celestina B
Crespo, Manuel Manuel
Critcher, [--?--] [--?--]
Croft, Dora Dora
Crosley, Fay Fay
Crowell, Anastasia Elizabeth Anastasia Elizabeth
Crowell, Catherine Ann Catherine Ann
Crowell, Chester Chester
Crowell, George Michael George Michael
Crowell, John Stephen John Stephen
Curry, Isaac M. Isaac M.
Cánaves, Antonio Antonio
Cánoves, Jofre Jofre
Darby, Annie Annie
Darby, Carrie Carrie
Darby, Charles H. Charles H.
Darby, Charles P. Charles P.
Darby, Harry F. Harry F.
Darby, James James
Darby, Mabel Mabel
Darby, Minnie E. Minnie E.
Darby, Thomas Thomas
Davis, Larry Larry
Davis/, Jr, John A John A
de Canova, Antonio Antonio
de Canova, Antonio (1)Antonio (1)
de Mestre/ II, Antonio Bartolome Antonio Bartolome
de Mier, Manuela de Jesus Hilaria Fernandez Manuela de Jesus Hilaria Fernandez
de Noda, Tomasa Lucia Paula Tomasa Lucia Paula
de Node, Antonio Jose Antonio Jose
de Node, Jose Jose
de Node, Melchora Balbina Melchora Balbina
Deano, Catherine Catherine
Dech, Jonathan Shelby Jonathan Shelby
Dech, Peter Peter
Deene, Deborah Joyce Deborah Joyce
Deene, [--?--] [--?--]
Dees, Louise L. Louise L.
Dekle, Olive Olive
Delany, Albert Joseph Albert Joseph
Delany, Cheryl Diane Cheryl Diane
Delany, Gary Kenneth Gary Kenneth
Delany, Gerald Kenneth Gerald Kenneth
Delany, Gladys Helen Gladys Helen
Delany, Glenda Marie Glenda Marie
Delany, Gloria Catherine Gloria Catherine
Delany, Grace Lillian Grace Lillian
Delany, Jack Jack
Delany, Kyle Kyle
Delany, Lewis Clinton Lewis Clinton
Delany, Thomas Adolphus Thomas Adolphus
Delany, Thomas Clinton Thomas Clinton
Delany, Thomas Earl Thomas Earl
Delany, Travis Kyle Travis Kyle
Demeno, Michael James Michael James
Demeno, Michael James (1)Michael James (1)
Derby, Joanne Joanne
Desilva, Isable Isable
Devine, C. Martin C. Martin
Devine, Justin Justin
Devine, Kylie Nicole Kylie Nicole
Devine, Lindon Curtis Lindon Curtis
Dickenson, Mittie Loudell Mittie Loudell
diCristofaro, Frederick Frederick
Difillipo, Dorothea Dorothea
Dilley, Martin Dean Martin Dean
Diorio, Mary Mary
Dobson, Anne Anne
Dobson, Lettie C. Lettie C.
Doran, [--?--] [--?--]
Dorman, Lovie Lovie
Dorsey, John Samuel John Samuel
Dorsey, John Spencer John Spencer
Dossey, Fred Fred
Douglas, Elmer R. Elmer R.
Drainey, Carson Canova Carson Canova
Drainey, Carter Williamson Carter Williamson
Drainey, Kyle Kyle
Drainey, Remington Remington
Drainey, Riley Riley
Drake, Anne Lorraine Anne Lorraine
Drake, Ashley Erin Ashley Erin
Drake, John Alden John Alden
Drake, Micheal John Micheal John
Drake, Rebecca Lorraine Rebecca Lorraine
Drake, Roberta Lee-Adah Roberta Lee-Adah
Drake, Robert Theodore Robert Theodore
Drake, Robert Thomas Robert Thomas
Drake, Theodore Edward Theodore Edward
Driggers, Diana Diana
Driggers, Elizabeth Ann Elizabeth Ann
Driggers, Emily Emily
Driggers, Jonas Jonas
Driggers, William William
Driggers, William (1)William (1)
Driggers, Winslow Winslow
Drumheller, Brenda Kaye Brenda Kaye
Drummond, Alberta Diana Alberta Diana
Drummond, Christopher L. Christopher L.
Drummond, Jennifer Jennifer
Drummond, John N. John N.
Drummond, John S. John S.
Drummond, Mary Louise Mary Louise
Drummond, Sarah Sarah
Dunham/ I, Theodore W. Theodore W.
Dunham/ II, Theodore Walter Theodore Walter
Dunham/, Jr, Theodore Walter Theodore Walter
Duwel, Marie Agnes Marie Agnes
Eckard, Rebecca Rebecca
Edwards, Dave Dave
Edwards, Elvin Joe Elvin Joe

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