List of Individuals
Canova, Seven Allen Seven Allen
Canova, Shannon Margurite Shannon Margurite
Canova, Shaun Brantley Shaun Brantley
Canova, Shelby Shelby
Canova, Sidney Josephene Sidney Josephene
Canova, Sierra Brianne Sierra Brianne
Canova, Spencer Spencer
Canova, Stanley Gould Stanley Gould
Canova, Stanley Gould Stanley Gould
Canova, Stephanie Marie Stephanie Marie
Canova, Steve Killinger Steve Killinger
Canova, Steven Michael Steven Michael
Canova, Stillborn Stillborn
Canova, Susan Susan
Canova, Susan Kay Susan Kay
Canova, Tapangga Tapangga
Canova, Ted Ted
Canova, Theodora Bruno Lillian Theodora Bruno Lillian
Canova, Theodora Mabel Theodora Mabel
Canova, Theodora Margarita Theodora Margarita
Canova, Theodore Camille Theodore Camille
Canova, Theodore Willis Theodore Willis
Canova, Thomas Alderman Thomas Alderman
Canova, Thomas Jonathan Thomas Jonathan
Canova, Thomas Ramon (Raymond) Thomas Ramon (Raymond)
Canova, Thomas Ramon Thomas Ramon
Canova, Timothy Allen Timothy Allen
Canova, Timothy George Timothy George
Canova, Timothy Jon Timothy Jon
Canova, Timothy Lawrence Timothy Lawrence
Canova, Tracy Ralph Tracy Ralph
Canova, Travis Jay Travis Jay
Canova, Tyler David Tyler David
Canova, Tyler James Tyler James
Canova, Vanessa Rios Vanessa Rios
Canova, Vincent Joseph Vincent Joseph
Canova, Viola Viola
Canova, Vito Vito
Canova, Warren Warren
Canova, Warren Preston Warren Preston
Canova, Wayne Wayne
Canova, Wilbur Wilbur
Canova, William F. William F.
Canova, William Grayson William Grayson
Canova, William Harold William Harold
Canova, William Robert William Robert
Canova, Willie Willie
Canova, Winifred Winifred
Canova, [--?--] [--?--]
Canova/ I, Bruce Bruce
Canova/ I, Paul Elisha Paul Elisha
Canova/ I, Paul Elisha Paul Elisha
Canova/ II, Bruce Bruce
Canova/ II, Joel Eugene Joel Eugene
Canova/ II, Jude Thaddeus Jude Thaddeus
Canova/ II, Louie Clarence Louie Clarence
Canova/ II, Paul Elisha Paul Elisha
Canova/, J, Francis James Francis James
Canova/, J, Philip John Philip John
Canova/, J, Richard A Richard A
Canova/, Jr, Daniel Daniel
Canova/, Jr, George Alderman George Alderman
Canova/, Jr, George Walter George Walter
Canova/, Jr, Joel Eugene Joel Eugene
Canova/, Jr, Jude Thaddeus Jude Thaddeus
Canova/, Jr, Larry Larry
Canova/, Jr, Levy Alvarez Levy Alvarez
Canova/, Jr, Louie Clarence Louie Clarence
Canova/, Jr, Oscar Nolan Oscar Nolan
Canova/, Jr, Ralph Gregory Ralph Gregory
Canova/, Jr, Sam George Sam George
Canova/, Sr, Joel Eugene Joel Eugene
Canova/, Sr, Louie Clarence Louie Clarence
Canova/, Sr, Sam George Sam George
Canovas, Francesca Francesca
Canovas, Juana Domingo Antonia Juana Domingo Antonia
Canovas, Juana Maria de los A Juana Maria de los A
Canovas, Lorenza Geronima Lorenza Geronima
Canovas, Lorenzo Obdulia Lorenzo Obdulia
Capo, Kenneth Kenneth
Capo, Mary Jane Mary Jane
Capo, Oscar Oscar
Capo, Rafaela Rafaela
Cardone, Margarita Margarita
Carey, Brett Brett
Carlysle, Margaret Margaret
Carr, Brian Daniel Brian Daniel
Carr, Jacqueline Sue Jacqueline Sue
Carr, Jamie Anne Jamie Anne
Carr, Jeri Lee Jeri Lee
Carr, Jody Lynn Jody Lynn
Carr, Kristen Dyan Kristen Dyan
Carr, Lawrence Steven Lawrence Steven
Carr, Michael Lawrence Michael Lawrence
Carreras, Martín Cánoves Martín Cánoves
Carter, Etta Louise Etta Louise
Casarez, Alyssa Cristin Alyssa Cristin
Casarez, Amber Christina Amber Christina
Casarez, Damion Damion
Casarez, Frank Rito Frank Rito
Caserez, Edward Garza Edward Garza
Caserez, Edward William Caserez Edward William Caserez
Caserez, Kathleen Merle Kathleen Merle
Caserez, Paul Frederick Paul Frederick
Cassard, Terry Paul Terry Paul
Cassel, Carol Carol
Casteel, Katherine Katherine
Casteel, Nancy Louise Nancy Louise
Casteel, Ralph Paul Ralph Paul
Catalano, Michael Michael
Chace, Alvin Canova Alvin Canova
Chace, Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson
Chace, William Henry William Henry
Chace/, Jr, William Henry William Henry
Chambers, Catherine Lynn Catherine Lynn
Chandler, Darrell Cornelius Darrell Cornelius
Chandler, Emily Rebecca Emily Rebecca
Chartrand, Velma Jane Watson Velma Jane Watson
Chen, Jia-Hui Jia-Hui
Chen, Jia-Yin Jia-Yin
Chen, Xin-Yu Xin-Yu
Chen, [--?--] [--?--]
Chesser, Flora Jane Flora Jane
Chesson, Mary Elizabeth Mary Elizabeth
Chu, Wen-ying Wen-ying
Chung, Chao-Zheng Chao-Zheng
Chung, I-Fan I-Fan
Chung, I-Wen I-Wen
Chung, Nien-Chan Nien-Chan
Chung, Nien-Jing Nien-Jing
Chung, Nien-[--?--] Nien-[--?--]
Chung, Pei-Wen Pei-Wen
Chung, Wan-Yuan Wan-Yuan
Chung, Xian-e Xian-e
Chung, Xian-Yin Xian-Yin
Chung, Xian-Yuan Xian-Yuan
Chung, Xian-[--?--] Xian-[--?--]
Chung, Ya-Wen Ya-Wen
Chung, You-Wen You-Wen
Chung, [--?--] [--?--]
Chung, [--?--] (1)[--?--] (1)
Chute, Nancy Ellen Nancy Ellen
Clark, Angela Angela
Clark, Ella Mary Ella Mary
Clark, Frank Bland Frank Bland
Clark, Mary D. Mary D.
Clarke, Karin Karin
Clarke, Trevor Samuel Trevor Samuel
Clause, Dan Dan

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