List of Individuals
Painter, Melissa R Melissa R
Palmer, James F. James F.
Palmer, Michelle Michelle
Parker, Emily Lastinger Emily Lastinger
Patten, George L. George L.
Peary, Shephani Shephani
Pellicer, Emanuel Aguiar Emanuel Aguiar
Perry, Henrietta Henrietta
Perry, Matthew C. Matthew C.
Perryman, (Stillborn) (Stillborn)
Perryman, (Stillborn) (1)(Stillborn) (1)
Perryman, Collin Allen Collin Allen
Perryman, Emily Ruth Emily Ruth
Perryman, George Dewey George Dewey
Perryman, Larry Richard Larry Richard
Perryman, Malynda Jane Malynda Jane
Perryman, Michael Wayne Michael Wayne
Perryman, Paul Douglas Paul Douglas
Perryman, Wayne Darrell Wayne Darrell
Perryman/, Jr, Michael Wayne Michael Wayne
Peterson, Summer Rae Summer Rae
Pfenniger, Erica Lynn Erica Lynn
Philbrick, JoAnn JoAnn
Philbrick, John Douglas John Douglas
Phillips, [--?--] [--?--]
Pike, Diane Diane
Pike, [--?--] [--?--]
Pilzer, Andrew Andrew
Pineda, Louis Miguel Louis Miguel
Pineda, Samantha Jane Samantha Jane
Pomar, Jane Jane
Pons, Charles F Charles F
Pons, Ernest Eugene Ernest Eugene
Pons, Evelyn Genevieve Evelyn Genevieve
Pons, Francisco Dominico Francisco Dominico
Pons, Francisco Jose Francisco Jose
Pons, Leonila Leonila
Pons, Madge Madge
Pons, Miguel Miguel
Pons, Owen Elbert Owen Elbert
Pons, Sidney T Sidney T
Pons, William William
Ponz, Antonio Antonio
Ponz, Juan Juan
Ponz, Margarita Francisca Juliana Margarita Francisca Juliana
Poorman, John John
Poorman, Nancy Jane Nancy Jane
Porter, Estelle Estelle
Post, Evan Ashley Evan Ashley
Post, John Connor John Connor
Post/ II, John Louis John Louis
Powell, Martha Martha
Powell, Militza Militza
Powell, William C. William C.
Powell, William C. (1)William C. (1)
Pozzie, Christina Christina
Prady, Robert Robert
Preble, Elizabeth (Dot) Elizabeth (Dot)
Pretus, Clara Clara
Pretus, Margarita Margarita
Pringle, Mary Louise Mary Louise
Pruitt, Alice Marie Alice Marie
Pruitt, John John
Pruitt, Larry Larry
Pruitt, Sam Glen Sam Glen
Purcell, Jimmie Vanoy Jimmie Vanoy
Purcell, Jody Lynette Jody Lynette
Purcell, Katherine Jodine Katherine Jodine
Purcell, Patti Jo Patti Jo
Purcell, Vanan Elizabeth Vanan Elizabeth
Purcell/, J, Jimmie Vanoy Jimmie Vanoy
Queen, [--?--] [--?--]
Quiroz, Alexis Liyah Lissette Alexis Liyah Lissette
Quiroz/, J, David David
Raningan, Bill Bill
Raningan, Maria Maria
Rankin, Christopher Morton Christopher Morton
Rankin, Craig McGinley Craig McGinley
Rankin, Frances Alberta Frances Alberta
Rankin, Kenneth Taylor Kenneth Taylor
Rankin, Morton Banning Morton Banning
Rankin, Samuel Edwin Samuel Edwin
Rankin, Samuel Payne Samuel Payne
Rankin, Sara Ruth Sara Ruth
Ranney, Isaac Isaac
Ranney, [--?--] [--?--]
Rantia, Lucille Mary Lucille Mary
Rawl, Susan Mary Susan Mary
Ream, Caroline S. Caroline S.
Ream, John M. John M.
Ream, Lillian M. Lillian M.
Reddick, Ashley Elaine Ashley Elaine
Reddick, Ernest Ernest
Reddick, John Charles John Charles
Reed, Jackie Jackie
Register, Ellen Ellen
Reichert, Doris Arlene Doris Arlene
Reichert, Ramona Merle Ramona Merle
Reichert, William Luther William Luther
Reisinger, Theresa Ann Theresa Ann
Reynolds, Phoebe Rebecca Phoebe Rebecca
Rhodes, Alma Irene Alma Irene
Rios, Cornelio Cornelio
Rios, Olga Hinojosa Olga Hinojosa
Ripley, James H. James H.
Riudavets, Antonio Juan Magi Cánoves Antonio Juan Magi Cánoves
Riudavets, Catalina Cánoves Catalina Cánoves
Riudavets, Catalina Cánoves (1)Catalina Cánoves (1)
Riudavets, Juana Cánoves Juana Cánoves
Riudavets, Juan Cánoves Juan Cánoves
Riudavets, Martin Cánoves Martin Cánoves
Riudavets, Martin Cánoves (1)Martin Cánoves (1)
Riudavets, Pedro Cánoves Pedro Cánoves
Rivero, Diane Canova Diane Canova
Rivero, Filberto Filberto
Rivet, Maude Theresa Maude Theresa
Roberts, Alberta Maria Alberta Maria
Roberts, Enoch Enoch
Roccaforte, Margarite Maria Margarite Maria
Rodriguez, Chloe Chloe
Rodriguez, David David
Rodriguez, Marina Marina
Rogero, Antonia Antonia
Rogers, Bubba Bubba
Rogers, Cindy Cindy
Rogers, Lois Virginia Lois Virginia
Rogers, Melissa Melissa
Rogers, [--?--] [--?--]
Rose, Makayla Makayla
Rowlett, Cindy Cindy
Rucker, Jeremy Noel Jeremy Noel
Rufiance, Gabrille Gabrille
Ryan, Lucas Lucas
Sandlin, Katherine Lucile Katherine Lucile
Sandlin, Vickie Diane Vickie Diane
Sandlin, William Ralph William Ralph
Sandlin/, Jr, William Ralph William Ralph
Sanz, Clara Margarita Ana Clara Margarita Ana
Sanz, Pasqual Pasqual
Sayers, Pam Pam
Saylors, Jennifer Lee Jennifer Lee
Schall, Lois Tillie Lois Tillie
Scheiner, Elliot Elliot
Scheiner, Jordan Jordan
Scheiner, Mathew Mathew
Schlie, Carolyn Louise Carolyn Louise
Schneider, Alexis Nicole Alexis Nicole
Schneider, [--?--] [--?--]
Schupner, Amanda Alexandria Amanda Alexandria
Schupner, David Weston David Weston

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