List of Individuals
Bourquardez, Ella Ella
Bourquardez, Emma Emma
Bourquardez, Gennessee Gennessee
Bourquardez, James Martin James Martin
Bourquardez, Jane Rosetta Jane Rosetta
Bourquardez, Joseph Joseph
Bourquardez, Laura Catherine Laura Catherine
Bourquardez, Louise Louise
Bourquardez, Mary Aurelia Mary Aurelia
Bourquardez, Mary Jane Mary Jane
Bourquardez, Pierre Claude Constantine Pierre Claude Constantine
Bourquardez, Robert C Robert C
Bourquardez, Theresa Rice Theresa Rice
Bourquardez, Thomas Henry Thomas Henry
Bowden, Nancy Nancy
Bowen, John John
Bowen, Mildred Lloyd Mildred Lloyd
Bower, Michael Michael
Bower, Robert Shadle Robert Shadle
Bower, Roy Roy
Boyd, Henry Thomas Henry Thomas
Boyd, Krista Lea Krista Lea
Boyd, Tommy Tommy
Braddock, Brandon Scott Brandon Scott
Braddock, Michael Alan Michael Alan
Braddock, Roger Roger
Bradley, Esther B. Esther B.
Branch, Gary Dale Gary Dale
Branch/ I, Garrison Garrison
Branning, Irene Canova Irene Canova
Branning, Martha Martha
Branning, Mary E. Mary E.
Branning, Reid Reid
Branning/|r merchants, a jolly good fellow and a man that was always willing and ready to do a good turn for his neighbor, Thomas Reid Thomas Reid
Brantley, Dorothy L. Dorothy L.
Brouchard, Tyler Tyler
Brown, Adalyn Adalyn
Brown, A R A R
Brown, Charles M Charles M
Brown, Charles Moses Charles Moses
Brown, Eleanor Eleanor
Brown, Fannie Fannie
Brown, Frances Jeanette Frances Jeanette
Brown, H H
Brown, Hettie Eugenia Hettie Eugenia
Brown, John Christopher John Christopher
Brown, John Peter John Peter
Brown, Katherine Katherine
Brown, Mary Mary
Brown, Mildred Veronica Josephine Mildred Veronica Josephine
Brown, M J M J
Brown, Nena C Nena C
Brown, Pauline E Pauline E
Brown, Robert Edward Robert Edward
Brown, Sidney Sidney
Brown, Sondra Sondra
Brown, Thomas Thomas
Brown, W H W H
Brown, [--?--] [--?--]
Bruce, Megan Christine Megan Christine
Bruce, Randy Cleve Randy Cleve
Bruns, Ernest Lee Anton Ernest Lee Anton
Bryan, Felix Felix
Bryan, James M. James M.
Bryan, Sarah Sarah
Buchanan, Robert S. Robert S.
Buckley, Lynette Lynette
Buford, Alice Alice
Buford, [--?--] [--?--]
Burhoop, Charles Roger Charles Roger
Burhoop, Lester Lester
Burnett, Christine Christine
Burnett, David Earl David Earl
Burnett, Donal Eric Donal Eric
Burnett, Gary Todd Gary Todd
Burnett, Kimberly Kimberly
Burnett, Nicolle Nicolle
Burnett, Robert Brian Robert Brian
Burnett, Steven Craig Steven Craig
Burnett, Thomas Aaron Thomas Aaron
Burnett, Tiffany Tiffany
Burnett/, Jr, Donal Earl Donal Earl
Burns, Robert Robert
Butler, Amy Amy
Butt, Berta Bae Berta Bae
Byrd, Penelope Mariah Penelope Mariah
Campbell, Kimerly Jane Kimerly Jane
Canaday, Brent Arnold Brent Arnold
Canaday, Harry Ridge Harry Ridge
Canaday, Harry Ridge (1)Harry Ridge (1)
Canaday, Lynne Mercedes Lynne Mercedes
Cannon, Reddie Reddie
Canobas, Catalina Maria Catalina Maria
Canobas, Filomena Maria del C Filomena Maria del C
Canova, (Still Born) (Still Born)
Canova, (stillborn) (stillborn)
Canova, Aaron Aaron
Canova, Adam Adam
Canova, Adeline Adeline
Canova, Adeline Damiana Adeline Damiana
Canova, Agnes Agnes
Canova, Agnes Irene Agnes Irene
Canova, Alberta Alberta
Canova, Albert Albert
Canova, Albert Crespo Albert Crespo
Canova, Aldo Aldo
Canova, Alexander Joseph Alexander Joseph
Canova, Alexander Leon Felicio Alexander Leon Felicio
Canova, Alex Alex
Canova, Aline Delphina Aline Delphina
Canova, Allison Allison
Canova, Allison Nicole Allison Nicole
Canova, Alonzo Bartola Alonzo Bartola
Canova, Anastatia Anastatia
Canova, Andrea Rae Andrea Rae
Canova, Andrew Andrew
Canova, Anita Anita
Canova, Anita Anita
Canova, Anne Louise Anne Louise
Canova, Annette Joyce Annette Joyce
Canova, Annie Annie
Canova, Annie Ruth Annie Ruth
Canova, Anthony Mark Anthony Mark
Canova, Anthony Phidel Anthony Phidel
Canova, Antonia Antonia
Canova, Antonio Andres Antonio Andres
Canova, Antonio Estefanus Maginus Antonio Estefanus Maginus
Canova, Antonio Joseph Antonio Joseph
Canova, Antonio Joseph Venancio Antonio Joseph Venancio
Canova, Arabella Arabella
Canova, Ariana Ariana
Canova, Arnold Arnold
Canova, Arthur Harrison Arthur Harrison
Canova, Ashley Leanne Ashley Leanne
Canova, Austin Hunter Austin Hunter
Canova, Baby Baby
Canova, Barry J Barry J
Canova, Bartolo Bartolo
Canova, Bartolome Antonio Bartolome Antonio
Canova, Bartolomeo Pedro Martin Bartolomeo Pedro Martin
Canova, Beatrice A. Beatrice A.
Canova, Bert Bert
Canova, Bertha Helen Bertha Helen
Canova, Betty Betty
Canova, Bianca Bianca
Canova, Billy P. Billy P.
Canova, Blanch Louise Blanch Louise
Canova, Breana Breana
Canova, Brent Paul Brent Paul
Canova, Brian David Brian David

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